Imagine making extra money from your solar panels without losing your existing subsidies or changing how you use your electricity.

People like you, who have solar panels or are looking to get them, are helping bring about a world based on green energy. You are helping lead the way as governments, companies and people increasingly recognise the importance of renewable energy and set more challenging targets for increasing renewable sources and reducing carbon footprints.

But it isn't easy. Solar has an initial cost to overcome, and continually decreasing subsidies means the time to cover that cost is measured in years, if not decades.

We will help reduce that time.

The brand new Rowan Rewards system is ideal if you are an existing solar user or want a new installation.

You can still use that electricity to power your home or business, store it in a battery for later use, or sell it back to the grid exactly as you currently do.

The difference is now you start earning Rowan Rewards as an extra benefit as well.

For every 1kWh of energy you generate, you could earn 10p worth of Rowan Rewards, which you can redeem in pounds and pence to spend as you like.

Once you have earned your Rowan Rewards, they can be redeemed into your PayPal account to spend as you want. There are also plans to allow charity donations within Rowan Rewards so you can do some extra good.

A solar setup can take over 15 years to pay for itself, but with Rowan Rewards, you could bring this time down to less than 10.

You can order your Rowan Rewards Subscription today.


No, the SmartMiner is a box of a similar size to a normal smart meter. It is installed into your wiring and connects through WiFi to your Internet connection.

The installation time is very quick and should take between one and two hours. A Rowan Certified Installation Engineer (RCIE) will install the SmartMiner into your existing solar PV system's wiring, connect it to your WiFi, and register it with Rowan Energy. At that point, you just log in to Rowan Energy Portal and start earning your rewards.

The Rowan Energy Portal system is incredibly easy to use. Once you have the SmartMiner installed you can log into your portal account where you will see all the info you need, as well as options to redeem your Reward Points. The SmartMiner itself is designed so that it doesn't ordinarily need to be interacted with. All you need to do is to log into your portal account regularly to see your rewards grow.

When you sign up to Rowan Rewards, we give you access to a simple, easy-to-use portal that you can access from your computer or mobile phone. This shows you the important information such as how much energy you have generated, how many Reward Points you have and how much they are worth, and how much you can redeem and spend.

Rowan Energy, the company behind the Rowan Rewards, have several partnerships in place with existing solar suppliers who are happy to talk to you about a complete package of a solar installation together with the Rowan Rewards Subscription.

Rowan Energy was founded by David Duckworth after many years of experience in the energy industry. He saw the flaws of the current system, of established monopoly players, and the failings of them to support home renewable energy. In his words, "Am I the only one who thinks selling your energy to the grid for 5p per kWh and then buying back in the evening for 13p is just bonkers?"
He realised that new technology allowed a change to the ecosystem, to fairly reward people who generated energy from renewable sources and encourage more people to do so.

SmartMiners will validate transactions on our low-power, low-carbon blockchain. Rowan Energy also uses your anonymised information for things such as to create carbon offset certificates. These can then be sold to businesses or individuals looking to offset their carbon footprint. In return, we are able to offer you the Rowan Rewards.

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